Employer Direct Primary Care

Solstice Health provides direct primary care services to employers through Onsite Medical Clinics, Near-site Medical Clinics or through one of our clinic locations in Wisconsin. Utilizing Solstice Health’s direct primary care services  allows employees to receive immediate medical attention to their injuries and illnesses, which leads to better patient outcomes. We offer our services on a standalone basis and in combinations to meet each client’s needs. Our scope of services includes occupational health, primary care, pediatric care and chronic condition management.

Why Provide Direct Primary Care for Your Employees?

Lower Cost Healthcare Model

Solstice Health understands how broken the fee-for-service healthcare model really is. Solstice Health's employer direct primary care services puts the patient first. When this is done, powerful things happen. Patient health improves and both employee and employer health care costs are reduced.

Employer Alignment

Solstice Health is an independent direct primary care provider whose physcians are not accountable for downstream healthcare revenue. Our mission is simple. Improve health and lower total costs. At Solstice Health we permit all providers to take the time needed to personalize the care they provide. This model fosters improved health through longer appointment times and the removal of financial and convenience barriers. This results in lower healthcare costs and improved health outcomes.

Direct Service Lab, Imaging & Prescriptions

Solstice Health's direct primary care services provide wholesale pricing on all lab, imaging and prescription services. Our wholesale pricing provides significant savings for the employer and the patients.

Improved Health Outcomes

The Solstice Health employer direct primary care model provides longer appointment times, capitated medical costs along with provider alignment. This model results in lower healthcare costs for employers and employees while improving health outcomes.

Solstice Health's Scope of Employer Direct Primary Care Services

Primary Care

Primary care provides the foundation for our providers to get to know their patients and understand the root of their health concerns. Our primary care providers strive to build trusting relationships with the employees for all their primary care medical needs. The primary care clinicians provide the time to discover undiagnosed conditions, and neccesary health coaching to create a healthier workforce.

Occupational Health

For employers who are interested in offering occupational health services in addition to direct primary care, we offer a broad range of physicals, tests, and treatments for work-related illness and injuries. Our systems and processes are designed to address both occupational and medical health services.

Acute Care

If acute care needs arise for employees, Solstice Health's direct primary care services and onsite clinics can be utilized to avoid most costly emergency room visits. From treatment of minor colds and infections to minor strains and sprains, our employer acute care solutions provide personalized, convenient and cost effective health care.

Chronic Condition Management

One of our most important jobs is to keep each employee’s risk factors from progressing into costly and debilitating health threats. Through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and secure online messaging, we’ll help employees make lasting lifestyle changes to minimize a condition’s every day effects and prevent the condition from getting worse.

Pediatric Care

We want your child to feel comfortable and cared for at every visit. We take the time to educate you about your child’s health conditions and treatment options. Solstice Health’s pediatrics services are convenient and personalized to meet all your employee’s family needs. Our experienced clinicians are responsive to your needs and deliver outstanding pediatrics service.

Telemedicine Services To Compliment Direct Primary Care

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Solstice Health telemedicine delivers 24/7 virtual care to you, wherever, whenever. When an employee becomes ill or injured after clinic hours, Solstice Health telemedicine service allows employees to obtain medical treatments sooner because the physician recommends the level of care that is most appropriate to meet the injured or ill employee’s needs.

When off-site care is needed, Solstice Health makes appropriate referral recommendations to preferred providers and vendors. Costly emergency room visits and unnecessary clinic visits are avoided, resulting in significant savings.

Solstice Health telemedicine services can provide a second opinion on an injury, illness or condition through our network of over 100+ specialists.

Benefits of Telemedicine Paired With Direct Primary Care

  • Unlimited 24/7 telemedicine services included with all of Solstice Health’s onsite medical clinics
  • Provides cost effective after hours and weekend coverage
  • Reduces hospitalizations and health care costs
  • Additional method to improve access to health care
  • All telemedicine services are integrated with onsite medical clinic EMR, providing consistent and personalized health care

Reporting Capabilities

Solstice Health provides accurate data-driven reporting of your program’s cost and clinical effectiveness. Not only will you see substantial savings, but you will also see improvements in employee retention, recruitment, morale and health.

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Population Health Management

We monitor your employee’s population’s current health status and trends across multiple dimensions, including:

  • Chronic condition management
  • Participation rates in health risk assessments and biometric screenings
  • Employee health outcomes and changes across population segments
  • Patient compliance to provider recommendations
  • Patient participation in prevention and wellness programs

Financial Return Measurements

  • Adoption and Utilization Rates of Services
  • Wholesale Pharmaceuticals
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Direct Labs and Imaging
  • Wellness Initiatives

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