Diabetes Weight Loss Redefined. For a Lifetime

Our diabetes weight loss program is a natural and effective method to help you achieve a healthy, ideal weight. The partial-meal replacement plan is low in simple carbohydrates, and rich in healthy, fortifying proteins. You will become healthier, and more knowledgable on how to make healthy food choices for a lifetime.


Diabetes weight loss program

How Our Diabetes Weight Loss Program Works

Our diabetic weight loss program is an all-natual, GMO-free, medically designed 4 phase weight loss protocol, resulting in rapid fat loss while sparing the lean body mass. In order to specifically target fat loss, maintain lean body mass, and reverse chronic disease, the carbohydrate intake must be modified. All carbohydrates, good or bad, raise blood sugar levels. As a result, too many carbohydrates signficantly raise insulin levels, which then acts as a “fat storage” hormone, increases the production of cholesterol, and increases arterial wall thickness which includes high blood pressure.

Whole grains and fruits are nourishing, they are all carbohydrate rich and raise insulin/blood sugar levels. The increase in insulin/blood sugar levels make it extremely difficult for our bodies to burn fat. In order to effectively burn fat and lose weight, we eliminate carbohydrates and fruits initially in the weight loss phase of the diet. Fruits and whole grain carbohydrates are reintroduced, along with all the foods we enjoy, once the desired weight is achieved.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, exercise is a vital component, however on this weight loss program, exercise is not required for weight loss. We recommend keeping exercise activities low impact and low intensity while on the weight loss phase of the program.


Diabetic meal options

Weight Loss Success Stories.

At Solstice Health we measure our success by our patients success. To date, Solstice Health has helped patients lose over 13,500 pounds and counting. Check out some of our patient weight loss success stories.

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