We are passionate about helping employers tackle obesity and preventing obesity-related diseases and conditions. Our corporate weight loss program provides a holistic and personalized approach to help employees lose weight and keep it off. Through weekly health coaching visits and our online engagement portal, your employees will learn to eat healthier, move more, lose weight and reach their health goals.

Digital Tools For Every Step In Your Corporate Weight Loss Program

We understand weight loss can be challenging, and needs to fit into our busy schedules. Our digital tools are conveniently available 24/7 to keep even your busiest employees informed, engaged and active in improving their health and well-being.

Healthy Cooking Videos

Healthy cooking videos, teaching you how to create delicious and healthy recipes.

Fitness Challenges

Weekly Fitness Challenges to keep you active and motivated.

Digital Support

Daily motivational tips, recipes and heath tips emailed daily to your inbox.

Educational Resources

Hundreds of videos on health related topics to keep you informed.
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Weight Loss Case Study

Personal Health Coaching

Corporate Weight Loss Program

Throughout your weight loss journey you will receive the personal support to build the foundation you need in order to maintain your healthy weight going forward.

One of the keys to your success – both when losing weight, as well as maintaining it – is the weekly support you’ll receive from your personal coach. Your coach is there to help you set and reach your weight loss goal. A Solstice Health weight loss coach will come onsite weekly for weigh-ins, body composition analysis, review weekly meal plans and review weight loss goals.

Personalized Digital Support

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In today’s busy world we understand the importance of having the information you need at your finger tips. Our weight loss program provides a personal online portal with a personalized assessment to gain insight into your lifestyle, goals, and weight loss challenges.

The weight loss portal provides hundreds of videos on healthy cooking, weekly fitness challenges, health information and much more. Information and resources designed to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals every step of the way.

Connecting Our Corporate Weight Loss Program To Your Organization

Promotion and Engagement

All the marketing tools you'll need to communicate the information to employees in an engaging and exciting way.

Account Management and Implementation

Access to a dedicated account manager to help employee's enroll in program and encourage engagement.


Special variations of the program that work best for your work environment and type of employees.


Reporting and analysis providing real-time statistics on participation rates and results.


24/7 telehealth services to provide support, care and answer any medical or health questions while participating in the weight loss program.
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